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How to take great photos of monuments around the world – Improve your photo shooting capabilities and your technique (contd..)

Tip 741 (Look for how to take tall structures): Many structures such as the Washington Monument, the Pyramids, etc can be pretty tall. When you don’t have professional equipment, taking photos of such tall structures can be difficult, and frustrating. There is no easy solution; you can take a photo from the base that gives a good view of the entire structure, but there will be a loss of perspective. You can retreat to a distance and try to cover the whole thing, but can be difficult and in some cases, taking such photos from a distance may not be logistically possible. Or else, you can try to break down a monument into different lengths, take these photos, and then combine the photos later.

Tip 742 (Look for new vistas): Cities that look out for tourists to their historic monuments can keep on modifying the views and opportunities available for photography; one needs to be on the lookout for these new locations to get an advantage (and this is possible only if you do research on the areas that you are planning to visit).

Tip 743 (In some cases, additional effort is needed): For many historic monuments, getting a good photo of the monument is possible when you consider the overall setting. But for that, you may need to go to a distant location and take some effort (for example, if you want to take a good photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can either take a boat under the bridge, or cross the bridge and climb the hill on the other side to get a great view).

Tip 744 (Do no damage): In some monuments, in order to get a better view, you may want to slightly clean up some writing or a wall, or go into flower beds or the like; however, all these can get you into trouble and you should avoid these kind of situations.

Tip 745 (If you get an occasion to take aerial shoots, do so): In many tourist locations and monuments, there are opportunities to take aerial shots. These could be from a nearby hill, or from a hot air balloon, or from the small tourist type planes; you can get some good photos from these types of aerial photos.

Book: Available Light: Photographic Techniques for Using Existing Light Sources (Paperback) (by Don Marr) –

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