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How to take great photos of monuments around the world – Improve your photo shooting capabilities and your technique (contd..)

Tip 731 (Alternate to tripods): I recently visited a monument, carrying my trusty tripod, and then found that the monument does not allow tripods to be carried inside the complex. As a result, I had to deposit the tripod in my car. However, there are alternatives to carrying a tripod. You can place the camera on any stable location such as a rock, a pillar, even on a bush, just need to figure out possible solutions.

Tip 732 (Ask local guides): When you are looking for a good spot to shoot photos, ask the local guides (if there are any in that monument) for some good spots to shoot photos. Chances are, you will get to see some locations for shooting that you would not have thought about.

Tip 733 (Find a good spot): Recently, I was in London, being at Buckingham Palace in the morning, just when the changing of the guards happens. However, it was difficult to get a good photos because of the large crowd that arrived on the scene. The learning was to find a good spot where photos can be taken.

Tip 734 (Look for the right season): Every monument has a good season when you can take some good photos. Plan your visiting schedules based on the correct season, else you will reach there at a time when the weather is very against taking good photos.

Tip 735 (Look for a good perspective point): Remember some of the iconic shots of monuments that you see where you can get a good perspective of the placement of the monument in the surrounding countryside ? Getting the good locations for these photos needs time and patience, and a good eye, to find the locations where you can take these photos.

Book: The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

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