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How to take great photos of monuments around the world – Improve your photo shooting capabilities and your technique (contd..)

Tip 726 (Getting up early): If you get up early, then visiting the monument is an interesting experience. In many cases, the rays of the rising sun show an interesting sight when they hit the monument, and the photos of these will also be very interesting.

Tip 727 (Be sure that you know the timings): Most monuments have specific timings; if you are planning on doing photography of those, you should know the timings of the photography, including when these monuments shutting down the during daytime for lunch (many religious monuments do shut down even in the daytime).

Tip 728 (Avoid crowds): Taking photographs of monuments is difficult when you are in the midst of huge crowds, which is typical of many famous monuments. There will always be certain timings when the crowds will be less, and you need to find these timings (as an example, I found that when it is daytime, many of the monuments in Egypt had lesser crowds). This could mean that even when the weather is a bit adverse, you need to exploit these timings.

Tip 729 (Check for permissions): You might be salivating at the prospect of taking a lot of great photographs, but then you find that a tripod is not allowed (or in some monuments), even a camera is not allowed. Be sure about these permissions before you even plan your trip, so as to avoid disappointment.

Tip 730 (Look for special charges): For many monuments, there are special charges for using a camera. Check these out before you proceed, you might find that you are able to get your work done with one camera instead of the 2 you might be thinking of carrying (and these might help you save some money).

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