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Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique (contd..)

Tip 646 (Understand the limitations): In underwater photography, you need to understand that the situation is not the same as when you are roaming a landscape shooting photos. There are severe limitations in shooting in an underwater situation; you need to be careful of your own security, need to be aware of the bigger fish, of your oxygen levels and how much time you have left, of your other co-workers.

Tip 647 (Cleaning your camera): Seawater, and the exposure inside the water can badly affect your camera. Be sure that you have inspected the camera to find any particles or sand that could have got in the small gaps in the camera housing; and then be sure to thoroughly remove all traces of sea water and encrusted sand using fresh water (and follow all the instructions in the camera manual)

Tip 648 (Use both hands to shoot): Even though shooting with one hand may seem more convenient given the environment (you may be holding stuff in your other hand), make sure wherever possible that you are shooting with both hands (you have gripped the camera with both hands); this ensures that you get the required amount of stability (particularly if light conditions are not so good)

Tip 649 (Avoid your bubbles): One important constraint while shooting underwater (when using scuba equipment) is to keep a watch out as to where the air bubbles from your exhaled air go; these air bubbles can disturb any fish that you are going close to or even get in your photos if you are not careful (as also the exhaled air from any other people with you, especially if they are slightly below you).

Tip 650 (Determine when to use strobes): The use of strobes is important when you are underwater and the light conditions are not good enough to take the shots; however, since these are additional pieces of equipment, determine whether the area in which you are going shooting underwater needs the external light equipment. This can help to a great degree since using strobes can slow you down.

Book: The Underwater Photographer, Fourth Edition (Paperback) (by Martin Edge) –

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