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Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique (contd..)

Tip 661 (Photos tend to look more blue): When you are shooting underwater, your photos tend to look more blue. You might think that this is because you are shooting in blue water, but the fact is that the water absorbs the other striking colors (the reds and the yellows) as you move underwater. So if you are going to deeper depths to shoot, then you will find your photos becoming more blue. To get more of the other colors into these photos, you will need to have strobes or external flashes along with you.

Tip 662 (Even SLR’s work underwater with the proper housing): Just because you have read of the specialized underwater point and shoot cameras, it does not mean that the normal SLR’s don’t work underwater. If you have the proper waterproof housing, you will be able to get some even better photos with your SLR’s underwater.

Tip 663 (Be sure to select the proper lens for your SLR): One limitation of using a SLR underwater is that you need to pre-select the lens you want to use and then fit the housing over that. Once underwater, you cannot change the lens if you find that the lens does not suit your requirement, and you will need to come back to the surface to make the change. So be careful about the lens you want to use.

Tip 664 (Focus on the eyes of the fishes): When shooting fish, try and ensure that you are able to get focus on the fishes. Photos where the eyes of the fishes are visible tend to be more striking, and ensure that you photos are appreciated much better.

Tip 665 (Safety of your equipment): On dive boats, there can be a variety of dangers to your equipment such as lots of water dripping from other equipment, or heavy items such as scuba gear or cylinders; be sure to keep your camera equipment safe from these dangers.

Book: Master Guide for Underwater Digital Photography (Paperback) (by Jack Drafahl) –

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