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Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique (contd..)

Tip 656 (color gets washed out at depths): As you move underwater, and go deeper, the light levels in the overall environment reduces; further, the color gets washed out from the photos as you move deeper. If you need to shoot deeper underwater, then you should consider the usage of strobes or external flashes.

Tip 657 (Buy disposable only when required): You would not have the underwater camera at every occasion when you need it. In such cases, consider the usage of disposable underwater cameras (these are available at most popular snorkeling or diving spots); but these do not allow much customization of your images, so, if you can plan, then always carry your own underwater equipment.

Tip 658 (Consider the backscatter): Depending on the clarity of the water and the particles in the water, you may get backscatter in your photos, which can reduce the clarity of your photos. In such cases, consider the use of software post-processing to remove these imperfections in the photos.

Tip 659 (Learn the names of the fish you have been shooting): When shooting underwater, take some effort to learn the names of the fishes and animals that are present in your photos fairly quickly after the shoot, and add these details in the meta-description of the photos. This will help you later when you want to publish your photos, or sell them.

Tip 660 (Get close to the fish you want to shoot): This is not a problem for most of the fish you want to shoot, but this can be a problem if you are shooting larger fish. For smaller fish, corals and others, get as close as a 1-2 feet to the subject (however, this needs to be tempered with caution when you are shooting the larger and more dangerous fish)

Book: Master Guide for Underwater Digital Photography (Paperback) (by Jack Drafahl) –

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