April 2010
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Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique (contd..)

Tip 651 (Be careful about conservation): Coral reefs are something that are made in nature over a large period of time, and are suffering because of global warming. Further, many coral reefs over the world are protected, and while it is not illegal to roam around coral reefs, it can be illegal to tamper with them or carry them back with you. Make sure that you are careful about how you do not spoil these beautiful reefs.

Tip 652 (Consider the use of a wide angle lens): A wide angle lens causes some distortion when you consider the use of the lens in portraits. However, inside the water, especially when you are shooting schools of fish or animals such as rays, the wide angle lens does not seemingly cause so much distortion and helps you capture much more of the surroundings.

Tip 653 (Learn stability and buoyancy skills): In order to be stable underwater when taking photos, you need to have enough experience of how to be stable underwater. Learning your buoyancy skills is very beneficial, otherwise you can keep on moving and not get stable enough to take the photos.

Tip 654 (Using fast shutter speeds for some faster fish): When you are trying to shoot some of the larger fish such as sharks (which can move very quickly and erratically), you need to set your shutter speeds much faster of 125 or more, and keep in mind that having faster shutter speeds can lead to a reduced exposure.

Tip 655 (Learn about the environment you will be shooting in): When you are going in for shooting some underwater photos, do some advance planning. Learn about the types of fish, about some of the depth levels, about the vegetation underwater; this will help you to be better prepared when going in for this shooting.

Book: The Underwater Photography Handbook (Paperback) (by Annemarie Kohler & Danja Kohler) –

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