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Improving your photo skills – some general tips to follow to improve your technique

Tip 671 (Keep upto date with software techniques): Part of improving your photo skills is about seeing improvements in your post-processing abilities. There are a lot of improvements you can do by reviewing the hundreds of techniques available for improving your photos using tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom. Set a target of reading up on new techniques, and see the improvement you see in your final photos.

Tip 672 (Keep upto date with new cameras and equipment): There is a whole set of new equipment with new capabilities that keeps on emerging. If you keep yourself uptodate, you can find that there is a certain set of hardware that can make a difference to the quality of photos you can take.

Tip 673 (Look when to convert to B&W): Some images look great in Black & White, especially some images of animals and wildlife. Consider images where the focus is on the animal along with the young animals, or you have a mother with her children, and the image is a close up. Such types of images look great in Black & White.

Tip 674 (Vary the perspective from which you shoot): Everybody shoots the conventional stuff. Get into different angles when shooting a photo, vary the zoom, try extreme close ups, try these difference, and you will find that some of the photos come out different and very appealing. However, keep in mind that some of the photos may need to be deleted directly 🙂

Tip 675 (Use post-processing steps such as filters): Filters in software such as Photoshop can ensure that a lot of your photos can look different (and different in some cases can look much better as well); experiment and enjoy.

Book: Digital Photography: Essential Skills, Fourth Edition (Photography Essential Skills) (by Mark Galer)

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