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How to take photos of the moon – Improve your photo shooting capabilities and your technique (contd..)

Tip 696 (Use Zoom lens or super-zoom lens): When you are going in for shooting the moon, it seems much smaller in photos than the eye perceives. It is recommended that you use your zoom lens or even superzoom lens (like 600mm, if you have some of these). However, keep in mind that at higher zooms, shaking gets magnified, so you would need to use either the tripod or some other way to avoid shaking.

Tip 697 (Using the moon light for photos): When you are using the moon lights for taking photos in the night, consider the fact that the moon shines very brightly, and if you are looking to capture details of the landscape, the long exposure needed will ensure that you will not get any details of the moon itself, more like a shining white disc.

Tip 698 (Want to get details of landscape and moon): If you do want to get details of both the landscape and moon in the same photo, you would need to ensure that either you are using a combination of different photos with different exposure levels (like a HDR), or you would need to take photos when the moon is near the horizon.

Tip 699 (Consider the motion of the moon): When you are taking long exposures of the landscape at night, and including the moon, then consider the movement of the moon across the sky, which will ensure that you do not get photos of any details of the moon, and may seem a moving white disc in the photo.

Tip 700 (Size of the moon on your photo): I have pointed this out earlier, but to make it very clear, the moon comes out very small on photos using standard size lenses; so when you use a 50mm lens, the size of the moon on the picture is only around 1/50 of an inch, which is very small. You will need to use some amount of zoom to get a bigger size of the moon.

Book: Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

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