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Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques

Tip 601 (Take lots of photographs): For occasions such as wedding photography where there are expectations that the final photograph should be excellent, you need to take a huge amount of photos, so keep a number of memory cards and batteries on hand to get the perfect photographs. You still need to be careful about the photos you take, it is just that you take a large number of photos so as to get the correct set of photos.

Tip 602 (Focus on what you want to get): In a wedding, there are a large number of different activities going on, with the primary ones centered on the groom and bride, but there are many other interesting activities that keep on happening, so decide earlier as to which are the ones you want to capture.

Tip 603 (Talk to the groom and bride early on): Don’t just land up at the venue, be prepared before you go there. Spend time with the to-be-married couple before the wedding, learn what is it they are looking for from the wedding photos, show them earlier samples, and so on.

Tip 604 (Get details about the logistics of the wedding): Find out about the actual logistical details of the wedding, such as timings of the church event (or if some other religious location, the location and interior details), including other celebrations. Find out about the actual lighting for the marriage, since the lights will handle your exposure requirements.

Tip 605 (Inform about any special needs): If you have the need to get some equipment of your own, then plan that well in advance, determine where it can be positioned, and get the required permissions (since some religious locations may not easily allow some specialized equipment).

Book: Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories (by Glen Johnson) –

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