March 2010
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Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques (contd..)

Tip 611 (Finalize the contract, if valid): If you a professional photographer, then you need to work through the contract, including the advance payment and the retainer, the various events that need to be captured. And of course, if you are doing this for a friend or relative, then you need not worry about a contract.

Tip 612 (Eat something before the main event): For first timers, this may seem surprising, but in the rush of the main event, you may not even get a chance to eat something, so you be sure that you have had something to eat before going in for the main event.

Tip 613 (Prior work publishing): If you are on the job already, having taken different photos of events before the main ceremony, then get the required prints / posters and put them up well in time (for example, some great photos of the engagement). This is all the more valid now when people even create websites that publish details of the events leading up to the main event.

Tip 614 (Have a backup option ready): How many of you have heard of Murphy’s law ? Well, it is the twist of fate in which something can go wrong; one obviously does not say that you should have 2 copies of the same camera, but consider what you can do if the camera or a critical piece of equipment goes bust, or somebody trips into it.

Tip 615 (Get photos of children early): If you have to take photos of children attending the wedding, get photos done early, since children tend to get more cranky as time proceeds.

Book: Existing Light Techniques for Wedding and Portrait Photography (by Bill Hurter) –

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