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Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques (contd..)

Tip 616 (Turn off the sounds): There is nothing more un-interesting in a photo shoot than the amount of noise that your cameras can generate. Try to ensure that you have turned off the click sounds in your camera, as well as get equipment that makes a lower amount of noise. This noise can be very unnerving at the critical occasions, some of which can be quite solemn.

Tip 617 (Coordinate with another photographer): Professional envy can be very high in some professions, but if you see another photographer, do some coordination. This can be in terms of sharing some equipment, or getting extra batteries / memory cards in crunch situations, or even help while scoping out the right equipment to use.

Tip 618 (Practice shooting in closed interiors): When the marriages are held in churches and other such places, you do not have any control over light situations, and you need to practice as much as possible in similar light conditions. This will help you be better prepared for all types of light conditions.

Tip 619 (Keep your equipment safe): May sound a bit strange, but make sure that all your equipment is safe from theft or pilferage. In crowded situations, it is very easy for equipment to get flicked, and you should make sure that you are adequately prepared for keeping your equipment safe.

Tip 620 (Look for the emotion): Everybody shoots the image of the bride and groom, and you should also get those. However, it is always a wise investment to get photos of the relatives, many of them can be far more exuberant in terms of expressing those emotions, and those photos come out pretty good.

Book: Master Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers (by Bill Hurter) –

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