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Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques (contd..)

Tip 626 (What type of equipment to use for wedding photography): As far as possible, you should get some or all of the equipment detailed in this list to ensure that you are properly equipped for the event (and these are a pointer – if after experience, you find that you are fine with a subset, then go with that). A good flash (an external one, not the camera mounted one); a digital camera that is 10 MP or larger (you can get them fairly easily, and a large size allows you to edit or crop the image without losing the ability to still have a great size image); lenses (a good 50mm prime lens for portraits, a telephoto, and a wide lens; and these should be fast, with wide apertures; tripod). One advantage of toting such specialized equipment is that people will give you more space and ability to take photos if they consider you a professional.

Tip 627 (Don’t worry about causing some grief): In a wedding, there is only a fixed amount of angles to view the main event from; as a photographer who has to cover the event and get some great photos, you will be hogging some of the space and coming in the way of some of the guests. Be polite, but don’t be embarrassed about this.

Tip 628 (Get photos of physical contact): Especially on the occasion of weddings, photos of physical contact can be real good, and the physical contact need not only be the groom and bride kissing. It can be the hug between the father of the bride and the bride, or casual physical contact between the bride and the groom, or her leaning her head on his shoulder. These photos, with some softening, can look great.

Tip 629 (Focus on the bride, and her accessories): In a wedding, there is nobody who looks more beautiful than the bride (and there is nobody who will approve of the photos more than the bride); so remember to ensure that showcase her looking her best, with some excellent photos of the accessories – which could mean photos of the ring, of a tiara (if there is one), of the wonderful dress, of her holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers, all those that could make her look great.

Tip 630 (Talk to the bride before the event): Find out what the bride (and groom) are looking for; it will be great if you could get photos that they would like. For example, if there are plenty of people coming from everywhere and extended family meeting, they may like to ensure that you get many photos of the family get-together as a part of the celebration (especially if such get-togethers are very rare).

Book: Wedding Photography Unveiled: Inspiration and Insight from 20 Top Photographers (by Jacqueline Tobin) –

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