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Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques (contd..)

Tip 621 (Learn about websites and how to quickly create versions for the web): Part of being a wedding photographer is to do the after photography service, which includes creating the photo sizes and quick batch editing so that you can upload photo albums and compositions to the internet (to selected sites); and these photos need to be small enough that they are quick to load and yet good enough for complete clarity.

Tip 622 (Focus on the first of many items): For example, the first dance, the first kiss, all these are grand occasions that you should capture, they have a special emotive appeal to the people in the wedding. Get the composition of these just right.

Tip 623 (Use the rule of thirds): The rule of third can really make a difference to the photos of people in the wedding; so if the groom and bride are leaning to one side, then they should be in that third of the photo. This can give the composition of these photos a great deal of appeal.

Tip 624 (Prepare a checklist for photo tips): As you do wedding photos, ensure that you have wedding checklists ready before you start for the wedding. There are a number of such checklists available on the internet. Add to the checklist as you do more such weddings and learn more items.

Tip 625 (Find a high place to get crowds): Typically, at some point in the ceremony, you will want to get more of the crowd (sorry, guests); and for that, you would need a higher place to take the photo. Make sure that you have either scouted a place already, or have made the necessary arrangements (high stool, step-ladder, whatever).

Book: Wedding Photography from the Heart: Creative Techniques to Capture the Moments that Matter (by Joe Buissink) –

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