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Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique

Tip 631 (Start basic): If you start imagining yourself to start getting the best of photos in an environment such as underwater, think again. You need some amount of practice, so start small. Start practicing on objects that are not difficult to photograph, such as corals that are close to the water level (or on other sea stuff such as shells).

Tip 632 (Start with snorkeling): This is more for amateurs. Before you start imagining yourself to get some great deep sea diving photos, ensure that you get some idea of the local settings by doing much shorter controlled underwater stuff such as snorkeling. I was recently on a snorkeling trip with a water-proof camera, and got some nice photos of corals that were only 1 meter below the water level (enough to start sensitizing newcomers into what this kind of photo means)

Tip 633 (Get the equipment for underwater): Strictly for amateurs again, imagine that somebody could dip a normal photo into water (and I know people who have done that, since they don’t consider that the camera is not waterproof). Get either an underwater housing, or a waterproof camera.

Tip 634 (Use modes where available): Again for newcomers; if you are using a camera that is designated as waterproof, check for the various scenes / modes. The camera will have a mode specifically for underwater shooting, and is good when you have not done this too many times before and are not sure of the required setting. The mode will help you get some good photos.

Tip 635 (Try out your camera first for waterproof): You bought a camera that is waterproof (or bought a waterproof casing for your camera), make sure that you have tried out the camera before your first underwater attempt (use it in your bathroom inside a bucket, or in a local pool); there is a small chance that the camera may not be waterproof, and it would be sad that your photos did not come through because your camera was compromised.

Book – Master Guide for Underwater Digital Photography (Paperback) (by Jack Drafahl) –

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