March 2010
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Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique (contd..)

Tip 636 (Familiarity with the equipment): It is very important to be totally familiar with your equipment when you are looking to take underwater photos. When you are underwater, you do not have the liberty of being able to easily modify settings or take your time in selecting the proper setting; be very sure of where the proper settings are, and if required, set those before you go underwater.

Tip 637 (Be careful about other divers in the area): If you are shooting in an area where there are other divers, be very careful about where they are; don’t get so engrossed in your photos that you don’t know where the other divers area, and have a chance of getting into an accident with them. This can be very dangerous when underwater.

Tip 638 (Keep your camera firmly anchored): When underwater, you need to make sure that your camera is firmly anchored to you through a strap at the minimum. If the camera is only held in the hand and drops, then you can probably say goodbye to the camera, along with the photos that it contains.

Tip 639 (Be aware of depth limits of the camera): If you camera says a depth limit of 10 meters, then respect those limits. Do not try to use the camera at great depths when it is not rated for those depths. If the camera manual says 10 meters, then it is meant more for snorkeling and shallow reefs, and not for deep water.

Tip 640 (Read the safety manual for the camera): Salt water can be harmful for the camera, so be pretty sure that you are following the instructions on how to ensure a long life for the camera. For example, the camera I have (Canon D-10) says that once in salt water, you should thoroughly wash and then keep immersed in tap water for a period of several hours so that the salt washes off, and till then, not to open the battery or card slots of the camera.

Book – Master Guide for Underwater Digital Photography (Paperback) (by Jack Drafahl) –

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