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Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique (contd..)

Tip 641 (Move slowly underwater): The same tip as applies to wildlife photography. If you are trying to take a photo of some fish, then glide in slowly and gracefully, and try not to scare the fish. When you want to get a photo of a fish without too much blue in the photo, then you need to be close to the fish, within a couple of meters.

Tip 642 (Be aware of your own safety): When trying to take photos of bigger and more dangerous fish such as the barracuda or sharks, be very very sure of your own safety; learn about the behavior of these large animals, and how to ensure your own safety. The sea can be very unforgiving, and the same holds good for these large animals as well.

Tip 643 (Try to get a picture sideways or from lower): It is much easier to shoot a photo from above than it is from below. However, when you shoot from above, you get an overall dull picture (in terms of both light, as well as the more dull upper section of the fish). When shooting from the side or from below, you get a much better picture of their heads as well as the body (and in more detail).

Tip 644 (When diving, be sure that you have learnt enough): Don’t let the quest for shooting great underwater shots speed up your underwater diving. Start diving for the purpose of photography only when you have done the required level of training for diving; this is very important in terms of safety.

Tip 645 (Don’t get too engrossed): The underwater environment can be very beautiful and captivating, but remember that safety is paramount. This means frequent checking of your equipment, oxygen levels, and if you are diving with a buddy, checking on the buddy’s safety as well. You can always come back again for shooting underwater.

Book – Master Guide for Underwater Digital Photography (Paperback) (by Jack Drafahl) –

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