February 2010
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Taking great photographs of a hockey game (contd..)

Tip 596 (Look for some motion blur): In some cases, crisp action photography need not be the only type of photographs that can be taken. Some motion blur, or some great panning and zooming, can show the speeds involved in ice hockey; such photos can take more effort to get right, but they look great. You need to learn about how panning and zooming works for these type of photos.

Tip 597 (Know about the sport): If you want to get some great shots, you need to anticipate the events in the game. Every game has a flow, and if you are able to anticipate as to which event will happen when, then you will be ready with your camera to take some of the great shots in the game.

Tip 598 (Develop relationships): This works for games which are not the top league, more for upcoming teams. Make sure that some of your best shots get to the team or to individual players, and show them photos that you have taken, right after the game. Upcoming players can feel flattered with the attention, and help you in getting good team shots.

Tip 599 (Try and get the puck in some of the shots): Everybody knows that a puck is so fast moving, and if you are able to get an action shot where the puck is frozen, like when it is entering the net, or when it is hit by the stick, then those photos can look remarkable. Be warned though, such photos do not come easily and can lead to deleting a number of photos before you get the right one.

Tip 600 (Get some of the players in odd situations): Some of those shots, where players sprawl with each other, or end up flying on the ice, hit the glass wall, etc, can make for some great photos. This also includes getting some great photos of the crowd, especially when they are very enthusiastic.

Book: Sports Illustrated: Hot Shots: 21st Century Sports Photography –

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