February 2010
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Taking great photographs of a basketball game (contd..)

Tip 576 (Adjust for lighting conditions): Lighting conditions in basketball games (especially since they are played without the bright light of the sun) can be much lower, and combined with the fact that you need to take fast action photos, it can be difficult to set the proper exposure. Even though there is a chance that the images may have noise, you may have no option other than to increase the ISO. With modern higher end digital camera, there is a lower chance of higher noise, but more compact cameras have higher amounts of noise.

Tip 577 (Look for a good camera): It is more difficult to get a good photo with a smaller compact camera, so take the better DSLR you have; or borrow one if you do not have.

Tip 578 (Burst mode is your friend): You see a few players and the ball at one basket, and are looking for shooting the precise moment. However, to get the precise shot at the precise moment is not easy. Shoot in burst mode in a supported camera, and you can get many photos within a short period of time, and this gives you a greater chance of getting a photo at the precise time.

Tip 579 (RAW mode): In conditions like these, when light conditions are low and you need to take photo with fast shutter speeds, doing post-shoot editing can be pretty important. Such editing is easier and lossless if you shoot with RAW instead of shooting JPEG photos.

Tip 580 (Focusing): Most of us are used to using auto-focus, but keep in mind that auto-focus takes some time to happen; when you are shooting fast moving payers, you could keep on trying to capture the events without being able to get a good sharp focus. Instead, set manual focus, focus on near one of the baskets (or switch to the other basket or the crowd when needed), and then shoot to get a much shaper focus. You will need to ensure that you keep the camera set to manual focus mode for this to happen.

Book: The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

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