February 2010
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Taking great photographs of a baseball game (contd..)

Tip 566 (Look for other opportunities): During the course of a game, there are many opportunities to taking some great photos besides the sportsmen on the field. Look out for opportunities among the crowd, look for children enjoying the game, look for the food and drinks being sold in the game, and shoot some great shots of those.

Tip 567 (Good seating position): If you are in a position to be able to pick your seats (more difficult for major league baseball), avoid seats that are near the outfield, and right behind the home plate. Instead see whether you can get seats near the first or third base, since that gives you a great view of all the action.

Tip 568 (Look for photos when the ball is in the air): Shooting a baseball game when the ball is in the air gives great photos. For somebody seeing the photo, it seems magical to have a object such as the ball floating in mid-air and can make for some spectacular photos.

Tip 569 (Learn to get sharp focus); For the above tip about a ball in the air, it will not come out that well unless you have a really sharp focus. However, getting a sharp focus is not so easy, and takes a huge amount of experience. Experiment on getting a sharp focus, such as expanding your photos to 100% and seeing whether objects in them are still in focus, or blurred. Keep on experimenting until you get sharp focus.

Tip 570 (Don’t fall in love with your photos): This is something that comes with experience, atleast for me. Earlier I found it hard to delete photos that I had taken, but over a period of time I found that I have so many photos that it was getting difficult to search for desired photos, and I finally made up my mind. Now, when there is some time available, I view the photos available and delete the ones that do not seem to be upto the mark.

Book: Baseball As America: Seeing Ourselves Through Our National Game (Paperback)

1 comment to Taking great photographs of a baseball game (contd..)

  • Great tips.
    I would also add to take your widest lens and go trolling the upper levels. The highest points in the stadium as well as the last row in left and right fields usually make for some spectacular panoramic shots of the whole stadium. If it’s your lucky day you might even be up there when the home team does something great and you can then get the crowd celebrating!

    Is it baseball season yet or what πŸ™‚

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