February 2010
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How to take better photos of sports events – some tips and techniques (contd ..)

Tip 546 (Get the crowds involved): For mass sports events such as football, rugby, cricket, there are some interesting shots where you need to use either wide angle lens, or the wider end of the lens and get the crowd. For places where you have full large stadiums and with full crowds, try and get the crowds as part of photos where you also get the playing arena. You can get some great shots this way.

Tip 547 (Look for children, with team colors): For events such as American Football, especially as the fever builds up, you get fans decked out in the team colors. Look for these fans, especially children, and you can get some great photos.

Tip 548 (Have a good equipment bag for carrying your accessories): As you get more interested in sports photography, you will start to build up a repository of the different types of specialized lens that you have. However, during the actual event, there is a certain time required to change the lens’, and you need to have good lens bad / belt so that you can minimize the time required to get these lens’ and change them (and ensure that they are safe when you are carrying them).

Tip 549 (Aim to get lens with a lower F value): When in the market for shopping for a lens, look for those with a large aperture such as f / 1.4 or f / 2.8. This helps ensure that you are have the required aperture to be able to shoot fast, especially when the light conditions may not be so good.

Tip 550 (Look out for the sunlight): When shooting a sports events in the middle of the day, learn about the light conditions, especially when the sunlight is bright, since that puts hard shadows if the light is direct on the face from overhead. Look for getting light on the faces of the person, either through fill flash, or looking for an exact time when the shadow will be less.

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