January 2010
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How to take better photos of sports events – some tips and techniques

Tip 526 (Learn to get access to get closer): Imagine being able to take a close up shot of your favorite football hero ? Your chances will be much higher if you are able to get closer to the action, and that is something you should be focusing on. Make getting closer access to the game an effort that you indulge in.

Tip 527 (When shooting faces, capture emotion): Pete Sampras in his time was a poker face, and very boring to photographers, while McEnroe was a photographers delight, showing extreme emotions, whether winning or having a tantrum. Photographs of sports people showing emotions always look better than a person not showing any emotions.

Tip 528 (Practise locally): Go to the local ground for capturing shots of kids playing, or low profile matches. Those are ideal occasions to practise getting the sports photography correct without fear of having a limited time to take photos. Show some of the photos to the teams, and if they are good, you might find yourself slowly getting more access.

Tip 529 (Optimize the size of the photo): So you have a camera that shoots terrific RAW at 23 MegaPixels, unfortunately, it takes that much time to get onto the next shot. Figure out the exact size of the shot you need (for printing in a local paper, you might only need 10 MP or so), and shoot with this size setting.

Tip 530 (Optimize using your Flash): Your Flash requires more time between shots, since the Flash needs to get charged up when a shot is taken, and the charge may take much longer than the activities happening in a sports event (could even take 4-5 seconds in some cameras). Disable the Flash if not required.

Book: Sports Photography: How to Capture Action and Emotion (Paperback)

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