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How to take better photos of sports events – some tips and techniques (contd..)

Tip 516 (Get a zoom lens): For shooting sporting events, you should consider that there is a possibility that you will be located at some distance from the actual action, and will need a good zoom lens for capturing the action from a distance. Typically, people at sporting events have Digital SLR’s with 300 or 400 zoom lens.

Tip 517 (Settings – Manual vs. some automatic): You can shoot photos in automatic or semi-automatic mode by keeping either the aperture or shutter speed constant and letting the camera do the other setting; however, in modes other than automatic, the camera can have difficulty in using its exposure meter since the background can change drastically – you could have different uniform colors (dark or light), changes in background colors, etc. I prefer to set manual mode for such shootings to get more control over such shoots.

Tip 518 (Capture different emotions): In the surcharged atmosphere of sporting activities, it is not necessary to only capture shots of motion; you can capture the emotions shown by the subjects when they win or lose, you can capture the mood of the crowds, and so on. Let your imagination run riot, and see what all you can shoot.

Tip 519 (See whether you can use a tripod): When using a zoom lens, it makes sense to try to get a tripod in order to avoid a possible shaking – when using a camera at full zoom, even a small shake can get amplified into shaking.

Tip 520 (Get some extra memory cards): When shooting some fast action or suddenly changing scenarios such as football or basketball games, you will need to shoot a huge number of shots (eventually discarding a number of them), but such shooting consumes a huge amount of space (especially if you are shooting in RAW), so be sure to carry extra memory cards.

Book: Digital Sports Photography (Paperback) (by G. Newman Lowrance)

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