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How to take better photos of sports events – some tips and techniques (contd ..)

Tip 536 (Be ready to use a high ISO): Unless you are shooting for stock photography where a high ISO is a cause of rejection, be prepared to use a high ISO for your shootings. When you are faced with low light situations such as when the light is falling, or when you need to shoot a fast sports event, the only option left for you would be bump up your exposure. The worry is that a high ISO can cause noise, but most modern DSLR’s can shoot pretty well without noise even at ISO levels as high as 640; and if you are using professional level cameras, the ISO level can go much higher.

Tip 537 (Use Auto ISO): The previous tip talked about setting a higher level of ISO to compensate for low levels of exposure. However, there is an option to do this automatically, where you can set the Automatic ISO feature in your camera, and the camera will set a ISO level to adjust for the exposures.

Tip 538 (Try something original): With sports photography, the standard shots are now passe. Look for different angles, such as shooting from a different height level, shooting the support staff or the supporters when something happens, shooting the disappointment of failure, and so on.

Tip 539 (Set high speeds): When capturing action, you need to set high speed levels. Consider a professional sports game such as Tennis or Basketball, where you would want to shoot the actual action; typically for such shots, speeds of 1/640 or 1/1000 are normal; it is with such speeds that you are able to capture the single frame that seems magical.

Tip 540 (Look at the background while taking a position): When you are taking your position on the sports ground, watch out for the background that will come in your photos. You could be shooting from a position where there are some jarring objects (such as poles, some bright advertising, or similar) is in the background, and will look pretty bad in the photos. So, before finalizing a position from where to take photos, be careful about such environmental issues.

Book: Sports Photography: How to Capture Action and Emotion (Paperback)

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