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How to take better photos of sports events – some tips and techniques (contd..)

Tip 521 (Keep the camera ready with the shutter half way down): When trying to a take a shot of some action, it makes a lot of sense to keep your camera ready to take the shot, including pressing the shutter button halfway down so that you already have the focusing and exposure ready. This works in situations where you need to press the shot very fast, and can predict as to when you will need to take the shot.

Tip 522 (Use the background where possible): The background can make a lot of sense when taking a photo. So, a photo of a great football action is complemented by a rooting cheering crowd in the background. Again, when you shoot a photo of an event such as yacht-racing or something similar, showing some great background of sea / water / something else makes for a great photo.

Tip 523 (Use the desired scene on a point and shoot camera): If you are not skilled enough with a camera to adjust settings for speed or have a point and shoot camera, most likely your camera will contain a scene that shows an athlete running. That is a preset scene for action photos and can help you get a good photo.

Tip 524 (Shoot the main characters): For games such as football or basketball, the action typically happens where the ball is. Getting a tight shot of the main action means you will typically focus on 2-3 of the main players where the action is happening.

Tip 525 (Try and catch facial expressions): When a player is giving their best in a game, it is normally a very emotional event for them, and they express their feelings during the game through their facial expressions. These can be linked to goals, failures, interactions with loud-mouths from the other team, and can make for some great shots. Hence, keep an eye out for the various facial expressions that sportpersons make.

Book: Sports Photography: How to Capture Action and Emotion (Paperback)

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