December 2009
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Tips for taking photos of a child (contd..)

Tip 456 (Take multiple photos with different styles): When you are shooting to display photos to parents or other relatives of children, take care to takes photos in different styles. This will ensure that there is a variety of photos available for the relatives, not all of whom may have your own style.

Tip 457 (Look for cute effects in clothing and accessories): Sometimes there is a great photograph in the small cute shoes that the girl is wearing, or the bow on the neck looks superb, or the hood that the young boy wears looks incredible with the snow on the ground; unless you are looking out for these, you can miss such opportunities.

Tip 458 (Experiment with using shadows cast by the sun): Using a flash has mixed results, especially when it comes to children. The flash light can come out as pretty sharp; so depending on only the flash may not be a good idea. Use the light of the sun coming in through the door and windows can create some great light effects.

Tip 459 (Experiment with Black and White): In today’s world of digital, photos are all color; however, you should experiment with Black and White photos. When you consider the innocence of photos focused on children, taking photos in Black and White results in drawing attention purely on the subject of the photo.

Tip 460 (Photos of children with pets): If the child has a pet, then consider that you have a great combination. Children playing with their pets, taking care of them, and the love that is shared between them can help in the creation of great photos. A child with a pet also ensures that the child is as natural as possible.

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