December 2009
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Tips for taking photos of a child (contd..)

Tip 451 (Get children to take photos of each other): When trying to take photos of children, experiment with letting children take some of these photos after giving them a bit of training. You might find kids getting a fresh perspective (and if necessary, you can let them take photos in the Auto / Program mode to prevent them getting into the complexity of camera settings).

Tip 452 (Location, location): In previous tips, I had mentioned that children should fill a major portion of the photo, but when you are shooting at a colorful location, try and fit the surrounding into the photo. So, you could get some great photos of children with a scenario of balloons, or at a theme park, or some great location.

Tip 453 (Kids and mud): When children are smaller, they like playing with the ground, including getting all dirty and muddy. This may be a pain to clean, but you can get some great photos in such situations. Keep looking out for such situations.

Tip 454 (Look at children in their own settings): Kids get real good photos when you shoot them in their own room; they are very comfortable in that setting, and you can set them up in different poses and looking all natural. Further, over a period of time, you get some photos of their growth along with their settings.

Tips 455 (Don’t spend too much time in changing lenses): Try and optimize the number of lenses you can use. Kids don’t have a lot of patience, so if you keep on changing your lenses from time to time or taking these equipment breaks, you will lose the attention of children very quickly.

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