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Tips for taking photos of a child (contd..)

Tip 446 (Look for a time when children are rested, and fed): With children, there are certain times when their behavior is quieter, where they would be more amenable to getting photographs taken the way that the photographer wants. Find out such times and plan your photography sessions at such times (not valid if you want to take their photographs in action or want other animated behavior photos).

Tip 447 (When using flash or harsh lights, give more time): Using flash or other sources of sudden bright light can unnerve children depending on their age, so you may need to plan for more time for such sessions, since it will take this much time to get them more comfortable with such lights.

Tip 448 (Use burst mode): Sometimes it is fun to see children when they know that they are being shot. As soon as the shot is over and they have heard the click, they will relax or something similar; in such cases, if you use burst mode, you can get additional shots that show more interesting poses of the children.

Tip 449 (Use a wide angle lens in some situations): If a small child is clutching a toy car, or some other such small thing in their hand, use a wide angle lens to cover both the child and the toy; you would be amazed at the kind of effect you get in the distortion with a wide angle lens, and many of such photos can come out looking pretty good (unfortunately, you will also have to junk many of them that will not turn out so good).

Tip 450 (Look to get the eyes in the photo): Especially for infants and small babies, the eyes seem disproportionately larger compared to the rest of the body. If you are striving for the upper part of the body and the head, be sure to get a shot of the eyes, especially if the child is looking at you (even if not, photos when the eyes are fully open can come out great).

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