December 2009
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Tips for taking photos of a child (contd..)

Tip 441 (Get kids to make faces): When you have multiple children of whom you are taking photographs, experiment with getting the children to get into a contest where they have to make strange / weird faces. You will be surprised as to how eager they are to enjoy making these faces, and you will get some great photos.

Tip 442 (Protect your equipment from children): Children are by nature curious, and something such as cameras and lenses can attract their attention. You can show them your equipment, but by words and through actions, be sure that they do not get close to touching your lenses or other such equipment.

Tip 443 (Get kids some colorful or fun clothes): Kids enjoy wearing colorful and assorted clothes, so get them these set of clothes. If you have a screen full of kids wearing bright clothes, you have a great photograph, fun to share and a striking print to put on the wall.

Tip 444 (Show them their photos on the LCD of the camera): Kids enjoy watching their photos on the LCD, and you can earn yourself some brownie points with the kids by showing them these photos. If they get more cooperative with you, you will get better photos.

Tip 445 (Offer to take photos of other children): There is nothing that parents enjoy more than having prints of their kids, especially as they are getting older. Once you have shown parents how you are a safe person, and how you are able to get them some good quality photographs of their children, you will get permission from more parents to take such photos.

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