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Tips for taking photos of a child (contd..)

Tip 436 (Explain to them what you want): Consider the setting where you have teenage or slightly younger children, and you want them to pose in a certain way for you. They will be highly disinterested; maybe you should try explaining the situation to them, telling them what is the kind of photograph you want to take. In some cases, this will work, and it will get the children more involved.

Tip 437 (Try and get down to their level): When children are younger, it gets difficult to take their photos when you are taking these from your own height. Try getting down to their level to take photos, since this also helps in ensuring that the photos of children come out more balanced.

Tip 438 (Don’t force them to smile): Photographing natural smiles of children give an incredible feel. However, if a child is not feeling like smiling, forcing them to smile for a photo rarely comes out nice. Better to take their natural photos rather than forcing them to smile, which can look real forced.

Tip 439 (Focus on the child): When you take photos of adults, you can also spend some time on the surroundings, since that makes a great photo. However, the same thing does not work when you are trying to take photos of children, in these cases, focus on the children rather than on the surroundings. Make the children the focus of the photo.

Tip 440 (Ask them to play with their toys): You get some great photos when you ask children to play with their toys in front of you. You get these children to be all natural, and getting their photos while playing can get you some great photos.

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