December 2009
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Photo tips for shooting great family photos

Tip 461 (Try to make it fun): The first and foremost way to get good family photos is when it is fun for everyone. Now, this would seem natural, since people do like getting together for family photos, but, but (repeated for greater emphasis), when you get people having to pose for long times in the heat or sun, or when they are wearing fancy dress that is uncomfortable, or other such reasons, then you will not get them to be natural looking in their photos.

Tip 462 (Get things setup earlier): If you have to get equipment setup or other infrastructural issues, such as needing a tripod or an external photographer signed on, then get all that setup before you gather people up. There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for things to be setup.

Tip 463 (Look for some consistency in clothing): You must have seen photos where some people are dressed formally, and others are dressed casually. It can look jarring, unless the surrounding environment is much more powerful and reduces the difference. Ideally, if it is a fun environment, then people should be dressed casually.

Tip 464 (Shooting indoors): If you are shooting indoors, then you need to pay attention to watching where the light comes from, where it is focused, and what are the chances that there needs to be additional light equipment such as lights, diffusers, etc.

Tip 465 (Avoid harsh sunlight): Harsh sunlight is typically not good for family kind of photos. There can be shadows under the eyes and nose, people feel uncomfortable in such situations, and the entire situation can look forced. If you do need to shoot in such light, then it would make sense to keep it as short as possible.

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