December 2009
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Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 466 (Try and connect with the family): If you are not a family member, spend some time with the family members (if possible), explain to them as to what is the type of photo you want to take; this may help you in getting more cooperation from the family members.

Tip 467 (Surroundings can be important): As opposed to children’s photos where the focus should be on the child, when you take photos of family members, the surroundings can add a lot to the photo. Taking a photo with some greenery as the background, or with some interesting object in the background, or something similar can make some great photos.

Tip 468 (Use tripods for family photos): For family photos, use tripods. Using tripods allow you to even shoot at night, when light conditions may not be optimal, or even close to sunset when light conditions are bad. The other advantage of a tripod is that you can set a timer, and join the group for the photo so that all of you can be part of the photo.

Tip 469 (Shoot plenty of photos): When shooting many people together, it can be pretty clear that it will be difficult to get a photo where everybody is looking straight, or somebody’s eyes are closed. However, if you shoot plenty of photos, you can combine multiple photos into a photo where everybody is looking perfect.

Tip 470 (Look for the sun in the photo): The direction of the sun controls the play of light and shadows; be sure that you know which side the shadows and light flow. You need to be sure that the faces of people in the photos are clear and not in shadow, and the light is not reflecting unflattering on their face.

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