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Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 491 (Using wide angle lenses rather than telephoto): Unless you are taking a photo from a distance, using the wider end of your lens is always a better choice for taking photos of a group.

Tip 492 (Leave off some space at both sides of the photo): When taking a photo of a group, be sure that you are leaving some empty space beyond the group members. This helps when you are framing your photos and need to trim the photo to fit standard frame dimensions.

Tip 493 (Background): Getting the background right is an important part of the overall family photo effect. If you capture a family photo with a lot more people in the background, it can get a bit distracting. A lot of good formal photos are produced with some portrait or similar stuff in the background, or some natural beauty, so make sure that you have considered the effect of the background before taking the photo.

Tip 494 (Shooting inside with natural light): If you are shooting inside, see whether there is enough natural light to take the photo, such as by opening all the curtains and doors to let in light. If there is still not enough, only then consider the use of artificial light sources such as lamps or flashes. However, in such cases, consider the effect of shadows.

Tip 495 (Camera height): Most non-professional shots do not consider the effect of camera height. You should keep the camera at a height somewhat close to the height of the tallest person. This has the benefit of making everyone look up slightly, and with their eyes open; and of course, also reduce any double chin that a person may be having, making them look fitter. However, remember that the height of the camera should not be taller than the height of the tallest person.

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