December 2009
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Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 486 (Take photos from different distances): When shooting a family photo, vary the level of zoom and then shoot the photos. In some photos, it would look good to have a close-up, in other photos, it may be better to try and get some of the surroundings into the photos, since that would add a nice touch to the photos, especially if the family is travelling somewhere.

Tip 487 (Capture a photo of the location with a name): Many times, when the family is travelling somewhere, you get to see a lot of interesting locations, and even take photos along with them. However, you will forget them soon after you have the photo and moved on, and so it makes sense to take a photo of a placard or board where the name of the location is mentioned.

Tip 488 (Use RAW if you can): Using RAW photos allows you to make great adjustments to the exposure levels / saturation levels inside the photo, and that can allow you to get a lot more creative; for example, you can make the setting to be overcast or lighter, or saturate the photo a bit if it appears gloomy (you need to get software such as Adobe Photoshop CS4 or Adobe Photoshop Elements 8).

Tip 489 (Capturing the mood and emotions): This tip is less precise, and more related to subjective interpretation, but a lot of portraits and family photos are admired much more if they seem to capture the mood and emotions of the subjects; if for example, you get a group of senior citizens laughing, or show a group of normal giggly teenagers looking serious, and the photo appropriately conveying that, then you have a good photo on your hands.

Tip 490 (Get photos of special moments): Many of you would have seen the expression when a new mother or father are handed their baby for the first time; if you are able to capture such emotions, then you have a winner on your hands. In some cases, you may feel that the occasion is not right, but that is a judgment that you need to make.

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