December 2009
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Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 481 (Watch the weather): Always keep a watch out for the weather before venturing out for photos such as these. A weather that is either too hot, or rainy or when there is a mist / fog will prevent you from getting the best such photos.

Tip 482 (Use soft light): Harsh light does not work that well for portraits, so taking photos on a day when the weather is overcast, or where the light is a bit reduced due to being under trees or other shadows, works to reduce the effects of the harsh light. If you are taking photos under strong light, then you would need to take more action to remove some of the shadows that could get created on faces, through the use of fill flash or other such devices.

Tip 483 (Use metering on the faces): If you are not setting your exposure levels manually and are depending on the camera to set these settings, then be sure to set the metering on the faces of the family members rather than setting them on any of the surrounding. This is especially relevant if the family is not in the center of the photo.

Tip 484 (Get subjects to be more intimate): This is obviously a tip that is more relevant when you have people in relationships (marriage / engaged / seeing each other), but if this is indeed the case, then you can ask your subjects to hold hands, or hug each other; the photos look much more warm and affectionate in such cases.

Tip 485 (Get people to look at you): This may seem a very obvious tip, but the people who are getting photographed may not always realize it, and could make the photos not be perfect. What you should do is to make sure that you subjects know that they should be looking towards you or the camera when their shot is being taken, and those are good photos. (PS, I just saw some photos at a wedding where I was taking photos from the side, and when people are not looking at you, those particular photos were really not worth keeping).

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