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5 Photo tips as on 26 December 2009 – Street photography

Tip 501 (Try to blend in when doing street photography): When you are trying to do street photography, it is quite possible that blending in may be a problem. You should try to minimize the differences in terms of blending in by observing the place for some time, learning the behavior of people, and trying to wear clothes that do not stand out.

Tip 502 (Ask before taking photos): When taking photos of people on the street, use your discretion in asking for permission before taking the photos. In a lot of cases, people will say “Yes”, but if they say “No”, then just move on. Of course, in some cases, you do not need to ask for permission, certainly if you are taking group / crowd shots, or using your zoom lens.

Tip 503 (Show the photographs to your subjects): When taking these photographs of your subject, show the photos to the subject; this makes them even more cooperative in most cases, and you can take even more photos of your subjects, this time with their cooperation.

Tip 504 (Confidence comes with time): When shooting on the street, originally you will be diffident about the shooting, wondering whether you are standing out from the crowd, and people are noticing you as doing something difference, and maybe somebody could even come to stop you. It is only when you have done this a few times will your confidence level increase and you will be able to handle street photography without any problem at all.

Tip 505 (Shoot the same location at different times of the day): When you are shooting on the street, try to take photos at different times of the day. In a large number of cases, you will see huge variations in terms of the activity, and it would seem that except for the geography of the street, nothing else remains the same, with different activities ongoing at different points of time. Such photo collections also make for cool displays (when you ever think of setting up your own exhibition).

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