December 2009
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5 Photo tips as on 26 December 2009 – Street photography

Tip 501 (Try to blend in when doing street photography): When you are trying to do street photography, it is quite possible that blending in may be a problem. You should try to minimize the differences in terms of blending in by observing the place for some time, learning the behavior of people, and trying […]

Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 496 (Use props to get height constraints even): This applies more when you are taking fun photos. Suppose you are shooting photos of people on a vacation, and there are adults and children. Get the children to clamber onto rocks, ladders, or onto the shoulders of adults in order to get the right height […]

Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 491 (Using wide angle lenses rather than telephoto): Unless you are taking a photo from a distance, using the wider end of your lens is always a better choice for taking photos of a group.

Tip 492 (Leave off some space at both sides of the photo): When taking a photo of a group, […]

Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 486 (Take photos from different distances): When shooting a family photo, vary the level of zoom and then shoot the photos. In some photos, it would look good to have a close-up, in other photos, it may be better to try and get some of the surroundings into the photos, since that would add […]

Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 481 (Watch the weather): Always keep a watch out for the weather before venturing out for photos such as these. A weather that is either too hot, or rainy or when there is a mist / fog will prevent you from getting the best such photos.

Tip 482 (Use soft light): Harsh light does […]