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Tips for taking photos of a child

Tip 426 (Take natural poses): It is hard to try and get children to pose for photos. It is mostly better to try and take natural poses of children; take their photos when they are being natural. With digital cameras, you can take many more photos than before, so you can afford to take more photos until you get what you need (although it can be hard to delete some of those photos). Getting a photo of a child making a face, or laughing or smiling or moving around can result in great photos.

Tip 427 (Getting children to pose or sit down): You need to realize that children need to be distracted away from their normal tendency to fidget or run; so, make faces at them, smile at them, chatter with them, do such things that will keep their attention focused and towards you.

Tip 428 (Spend time to know the children): Children open up more easily to strangers than adults, but you need to spend a bit of time with them – and this could be as little as 15 minutes. Invest this time with them, and you could get them cooperating with you much faster. Talk to them (and not about serious topics, but things that children are interested in such as their games, their friends, their school, etc).

Tip 429 (Look for the behavior of the child): Children can be somewhat unpredictable, but at the same time, if you have observed them, you can predict as to how they will behave next. So, for somebody who is moody, a chocolate could make them smile, similarly for somebody who is behaving a bit cranky, it could be that this is an attention seeking behavior and could be easily countered by getting somebody to speak to them. This needs a bit of time, but should work.

Tip 430 (Get family members to be close): A child becomes more relaxed when a family member is nearby, so if you are trying to take photos of children, and it is possible, get family members to be there close by while you can keep them out of the frame.

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