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Tips for taking photos of a child (contd..)

Tip 431 (Use a telephoto or zoom lens): This is maybe an easier option to ensure that you are getting a natural pose of children. If you are nearby where they can see you focusing a camera on you, the behavior of children may no longer remain natural. On the other hand, if you are able to use a zoom camera where you are no longer in their zone of attention, you will get more natural poses.

Tip 432 (Close ups of children can look very beautiful): This is in right contrast to the previous photo, but if you get in close can capture the soft curves of the cheeks of a child, or their eyes, or the blue eyes looking right through, you can get some really great looking photos. Even a photo of a sweetly posed child, sleeping, with feet tucked in, can look very beautiful.

Tip 433 (Use an assistant or baby handler): When dealing with babies or small children, and when you are doing this a bit more professionally, there is a lot of benefit of having a baby / child handler who is more of an expert at handling children. This saves you the trouble of trying to work through the moods and unpredictable behavior (not required if these are your own children) of children and more focused on how to get a good photograph.

Tip 434 (Experiment with child taking up a larger portion of the frame): Especially for children, you can experiment with the child taking up a larger section of the overall photo frame. Children come out pretty good in photos, and when you make them seem larger by making them fill a larger section of the field of view, the attention comes out focused on them.

Tip 435 (May need to use faster shutter speeds): Unless you have the child sleeping, or otherwise still (sitting, in the arms of somebody), children can tend to be on the move much more than adults. As a result, you may need to use higher shutter speeds when photographing them, to capture them in detail; else there is a good chance that you will see blurring.

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