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Tips for motion photography

Tip 401 (Shutter speed adjustment): For shooting moving objects, there is normally a need to have a higher shutter speed in order to avoid blur in the shot. Having a shutter faster than 1/250 is the standard for this, but depending on the speed of moving objects, may need to have a faster shutter speed.

Tip 402 (Need to modify techniques based on situation): What exactly to do in terms of camera settings depends on the exact situation. Shooting wildlife needs a different set of shutter speeds, while shooting fast action sports, or car racing requires a different set of camera settings.

Tip 403 (Sometimes blurring on purpose): Sometimes, you might want to blur the photo on purpose, but this also needs to be done carefully. The purpose would be to bring about an effect that the user can see motion happening. To achieve this, one would need to reduce the shutter speed to less than that is normally done for motion photos, something like 1/125 of a second. These photos come out better when combined with scenes that have a large number of colors.

Tip 404 (Learning to adjust ISO for motion): To try to get some clear shots of motion, such that you are able to get a static image of your object, you may need to decrease the amount of time that the shutter is open. However, this results in lower exposure levels, and hence you need to compensate for this either by increasing the aperture levels to the maximum, or by increasing the ISO. However, increased ISO levels lead to higher levels of noise, so be careful.

Tip 405 (Using a tripod to capture this motion): Use a tripod when you are trying to adjust for lower shutter speeds. Motion blur is not the same as camera shake, so you should use a tripod wherever possible to reduce the chance of shake caused by hand shake.

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