November 2009
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Photos tips for shooting in cities

Tip 391 (Choose different vantage points for taking your photo): Look for different vantage points when taking images. Sometimes, just shooting from a different vantage point can ensure that help you see patterns or a certain design in the way
that nature / man made objects are arranged.

Tip 392 (Use reflections and shoot some great photos): Explore whatever nature gives you. So, for example, if there is some plentiful rainfall, and puddles form on the ground, use this opportunity to shoot reflections. You can get some great shots in the form of reflections of normal everyday sceneries or buildings.

Tip 393 (Incorporating vivid images of the sky): It seems like everybody shoots images of the sky. However, the sky presents the potential to get some great photos, especially when the sky shows vivid colors of sunrise or sunset, or when storms are near. These vivid portraits of the sky can be used a great backdrop to liven up otherwise boring pictures.

Tip 394 (Children can make some good portraits): If you are shooting on the streets, keep a lookout for kids playing, carrying out chores, or something similar. Kids make some great portraits, and if you can catch a child in an activity, you can get some truly great photos.

Tip 395 (Keep in mind security concerns while shooting): It is pretty easy to shoot anybody on the street nowadays, with cameras that shoot faster, or are easier to conceal, or so on. At the same time, keep in mind that with a heightened security environment, it can sometimes get hairy if you spend time in large streets with a camera. This can be even more problematic if your face and color do not allow easy matching with the general population; in such a situation, any scared person can immediately point out you as a security concern to the police.

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