November 2009
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Photos tips for improving panning techniques

Tip 421 (Keep a slight distance): In the rush to ensure that you get a good photo, when you are trying to take a panning type photo, don’t get too close to the subject. You might feel that you can capture more of the subject in your field of view, but if you get too close, then there is a possibility that the photo may seem distorted. This probability tends to increase if you are using a wide angle lens.

Tip 422 (Use a single point focus): It seems to make more sense to use the focus mode where you are using multiple points of focus, but for panning types of photos, the focus comes out better if you are using Single Point Auto Focus. As always, you need to experiment, but with this setting, it makes it easier for the cameras to focus more clearly.

Tip 423 (Best apertures for panning): A lot of people want to use larger apertures when shooting photos, and larger apertures does mean that you get more exposure; however, for panning purposes, it has been observed that apertures of between f8-f11 work best.

Tip 424 (Practice, and more practice): A lot of practice is very important for getting panning right. It takes a lot of effort to get panning right, and you would need to do this again and again until you get it right. But the end result of panning looks great, and those action photos can be incredible.

Tip 425 (Practice keeping your hand steady): To get good panning shots, you need to practice keeping your hand steady. Since panning involves moving your hand along with the subject, you need for this movement to be smooth and controlled, including the follow through.

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