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Photo tips for shooting in cities

Tip 396 (Difficulty in capturing the exact scenario): You see some great action happening, and take up your camera in order to shoot the actual happening. However, sometimes you face the problems dealing with taking a static shot of a movement. You may not be very satisfied with the still shot; in such cases you could either experiment with taking a series of shots (in burst mode) that help in getting atleast one good one, or you could experiment with taking a shot with a reduced shutter speed.

Tip 397 (Getting to know a city before you start shooting): When you get to a city where you have not been before, then it makes sense to read about the various places in a city, and review photo albums about the city. This helps you determine the locations of the city that are worth seeing, as well as the best times to shoot photos in those locations. Further, you can also determine whether a particular location has been shot to death.

Tip 398 (Learning cities that are photo friendly): Before starting to explore a city in depth for photo shoots, learn about how photo friendly a city. There are many cities that are tourist havens where people do not mind a person with a camera, and there are other cities where people are more insular, or suspicious of strangers. It makes sense to learn about such considerations before you set off for shooting.

Tip 399 (Shoot the culture of a city): When shooting in a city, make sure that the photos you shoot capture the culture and spirit of the city where you are shooting in. Capturing the spirit of the city enhances your photos, and gives them a much more realistic and richer look.

Tip 400 (Cities and security): Every city has some areas which are not so safe. It makes a lot of sense for you to first understand areas that are not so safe, so that you can understand the limits under which you can operate. Sometimes it is not worth it to take some risks, unless you are a professional who can take the risks.

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