November 2009
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Tips for taking photos of a child (contd..)

Tip 431 (Use a telephoto or zoom lens): This is maybe an easier option to ensure that you are getting a natural pose of children. If you are nearby where they can see you focusing a camera on you, the behavior of children may no longer remain natural. On the other hand, if you are […]

Tips for taking photos of a child

Tip 426 (Take natural poses): It is hard to try and get children to pose for photos. It is mostly better to try and take natural poses of children; take their photos when they are being natural. With digital cameras, you can take many more photos than before, so you can afford to take more […]

Photos tips for improving panning techniques

Tip 421 (Keep a slight distance): In the rush to ensure that you get a good photo, when you are trying to take a panning type photo, don’t get too close to the subject. You might feel that you can capture more of the subject in your field of view, but if you get too […]

How to photograph fast moving objects ? (contd..)

Tip 416 (Vary depth of field): You can control the depth of field through modifying the aperture value. Why am I talking about depth of field while talking about photographing moving objects ? Well, when talking about moving objects, the depth of fields defines how sharp the moving object is as opposed to the background. […]

How to photograph fast moving objects ?

Tip 411 (Use a preset): Many cameras have a preset for capturing fast moving objects. This setting is more often found in point-and-shoot cameras that come with a lot of presets / scenes, but even some Digital SLR’s have them. If you feel that you are not proficient with the settings manually, use this preset.