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5 tips on buying a camera lens (contd..)

Tip 351 (Third party lenses): When buying 3rd party lenses, remember that they are cheaper, however, it is also true that their re-sale value is comparatively lower than that of Canon or Nikon lenses. If that if a factor for you, then do consider that point.

Tip 352 (Third party lenses versus equipment manufacturer lenses): Even though lenses made by camera manufacturers such as Canon and Nike are more expensive, and some of that is a premium charge, in many cases, the optics of these lenses are more improved as move away from the cheap lenses.

Tip 353 (Compatibility with future cameras): This one is a bit harder to visualize, but consider the upward compatibility of the lenses you buy. If you buy a lens from Canon or Nike, they will do their best to ensure that this lens works with future cameras; they do not make any such effort to guarantee this for 3rd party lenses.

Tip 354 (Consider the trade-off between weight and sturdiness): Plastic lens bodies are cheaper, lighter, but not as durable as the heavier lens bodies. This will be a trade off between ease of carrying and the physical conditions it can take.

Tip 355 (Trade off between price and quality): Third party lenses can offer some focal lengths and such features that are not available from the camera manufacturers. However, it is difficult to get accurate comparisons between third party lenses and lenses made by equipment manufacturers, so in the end, it is your choice.

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