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5 tips on buying a camera lens (contd..)

Tip 346 (Canon L series lens): When you are buying Canon lenses, sometimes you may have come across some lenses that are much more expensive, and have a thin red line at some point on the barrel of the lens. These are marked L for ‘luxury’, and are lens that are more sturdy, made of better material, and have a much better optical finish; but given that they are more expensive, you need to evaluate whether you have such a need.

Tip 347 (Color of great Canon telephoto lens): You must have been surprised sometime about seeing some Canon telephoto lens being white or off-white instead of black. These are the higher end telephoto lens for Canon, and are typically much more expensive.

Tip 348 (Just the red stripe on the lens not enough): So you found a lens for your Canon Digital camera, and it has a red stripe, and you are excited about getting a superior lens. However, you should assume that only if the lens is made by Canon, then a red stripe lens means that it is superior; buying a lens made by other companies with a red stripe is not reassurance of any kind.

Tip 349 (Canon low cost prime lens): Canon sells lenses in different price ranges, with the consumer plastic body lens being the most inferior. However, the prime lens in this range is still fairly decent, since these lens don’t have to worry about the quality problems associated with the optics of a zoom lens.

Tip 350 (Kit lenses are on the lower scale of lenses in terms of quality): So, you are looking to buy a new Canon camera, and you find a great bargain in terms of a camera with 2 lenses, one being the typical 18-55, and the other being a lens that could be a zoom. You feel you have got a good bargain, but keep in mind that there is no such as a free lunch; the lens you got is at the bottom of the scale in terms of quality.

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