August 2009
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5 Photo tips (centered around the morning and daybreak)

Tip 256 (Daybreak and pre-sunrise photos): Even though for most of us, getting up early in the morning before sunrise can be painful, you can get some pretty good shots of sunrise. During daybreak / sunrise, the colors change pretty quickly, and you can get some very interesting colors.

Tip 257 (Daybreak photos, RAW, and White Balance): When you consider the time of daybreak (the time when you can start to see light, but not yet start seeing the sun on the horizon), try and capture multiple photos on RAW. With this, you can experiment with varying the White Balance to get some pretty interesting shots (many cameras also allow you to set the white balance, so you can experiment with those as well)

Tip 258 (Tripod for morning photos): When taking morning photos, if you want to get sufficient exposure, a tripod is almost necessary. Carry a tripod along; anyhow, if you are into photography as a hobby, you should get adjusted to the idea of carrying a tripod.

Tip 259 (Serene atmosphere at dawn): The climate and the environment at dawn is probably the time when you feel best about nature. The slight light, the cleanliness that seemingly surrounds everything, few people around, the peace, the good weather, all these will put you in a much better frame of mind, one with nature, and should translate into some great photos.

Tip 260 (Shooting in hilly areas at dawn): If you are in a hilly area, you must get up early to capture the situation at dawn. If you are positioned right, and you have got your timing right, the sight of the sunlight starting to come through far off mountains (through the gaps between the mountains / hills) can be an incredible sight.

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