August 2009
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5 Photo tips (centered around the morning and daybreak)

Tip 271 (Use weather reports): There is nothing more frustrating than getting up early in the morning for some good sunrise photos, and then getting thwarted by clouds or bad weather. Even while developing patience is a good thing, you should read up about local weather, to make sure that you know what the weather is going to be like.

Tip 272 (Getting a good sunrise photo): Related to the above point, clouds are not bad altogether. If you don’t have totally overcast conditions, with some cloud cover, then you can get some great photos. The clouds, tinged with color from the rising sun, as well as the sun playing hide-and-seek among clouds can give some great photos.

Tip 273 (Look for morning shadows): The shadows tend to be much longer at sunrise and sunset, and there are some pretty amazing looking photos you can get if you try and get the play of light and shadows in your photos.

Tip 274 (Look for a body of water): If you are near a lake, river, or other water body such as sea / ocean, the photos you get of the rising sun (or setting sun) over the water looks superb. Even if you can see a huge number of photos of the similar subject, they are still great photos to take to improve your collection.

Tip 275 (Taking light readings): If you are sufficiently professional enough to take light readings when you shoot, don’t do so directly for a location with the rays of the rising sun. Take light readings of nearby areas (such as water that is starting to get lit by the sun, or of the sky, or buildings where the sun is not directly lighting up the outside wall). And then, take a number of photos to check which reading gives you the best photo.

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