August 2009
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5 General Photo Tips

Tip 251 (Look around you, keep a close eye): To you what seems like a neighborhood which has remained exactly the same over a number of years, may seem very different to others. To take good photographs, you have to visualize, and step out of your normal self. Try to see things around you with a different view, and once can guarantee that in many of these cases, you will find some of the photos you shoot can come out great.

Tip 252 (Decide on how obtrusive you want to be): Typically, an SLR gives you more control, and better quality of photos. However, there will be certain locations where you cannot be seen to be shooting overtly. For example, if you are in a religious festival, or a protest rally, or many such places, flashing a big camera draws attention to you. Always keep some good features point-and-shoot cameras with you.

Tip 253 (Shoot with a social conscience): In today’s world, there are a number of places that you observe and move away. You can make a difference. Suppose, you are able to shoot photos of a polluting unit, then you should take the photo (while respecting property rights) and highlight them, or even send them to the nearby paper for publishing and putting pressure.

Tip 254 (Shooting sunsets): When you shoot a sunset, you can be sometimes worried that you are not getting the expected result from the camera. What you should do is slightly under-expose so that this brings out the colors of the sunset, makes them more saturated and brings out the variations in the shade.

Tip 255 (Shooting in a fog): When you try to shoot in a fog, never use the automatic focus, instead focus manually. A fog like situation can get tricky to focus in, and the automatic focus can fail at this.

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