August 2009
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5 tips on evaluating your lens before buying

Tip 311 (Check that the lens works on the body): This may seem a very obvious tip, but I have seen a couple of people get very impressed over a lens; they went ahead to buy it after doing a cursory check with their camera specs. Later they found that there was a mismatch because […]

5 Photo Tips for shooting photos in the sun

Tip 306 (Look for reflected light): One of the problems with harsh sunlight is that the side facing light gets a sharp glare, while a face or profile in shadow is far more reduced. You can either set up reflectors, or look for a place such as a parking lot or in front of buildings, […]

5 photo tips for taking photos in the sun

Tip 301 (Underexpose your photos): If you get too much light in your photo, then you lose detail. It is always slightly better to have a slightly under-exposed photo rather than a over-exposed photo; since you can recover from a slightly under-exposed photo; if you lose detail in a photo, then you cannot recover those […]

5 photo tips for taking photos at noon

Tip 296 (Look for the shade): Even on a bright sunny day, you will always find places that are in the shade. Being in the shade allows you to be much more comfortable while taking the photo, and there is normally ample light available in the shade.

Tip 297 (Get closer): If you can get […]

5 photo tips for taking photos at noon

Tip 291 (Learn about the characteristics of shooting at noon): Shooting at noon is normally avoided since the light is harsh and getting the tonal details is difficult, getting facial photos is difficult because of the shadows of the eyes and nose. However, if you learn more about the characteristics of light at noon, you […]